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Have you ever conquered with willpower? Win or fail, or a tie?

I often ask myself why I always end up giving up after making up my mind.

To find the answer, I love bothering one of my best friends who is an astrologist with this question: which horoscopes have the strongest willpower to follow through when the tasks are touch?

Even if I were the one, does it guarantee for everything in my life to go well?

Life without willpower is not a sin, so I was told, it is just showing how some stars have been misaligned the day when we were born.

Does it mean that the fate of ours is déja destined?

Let’s invite some best friends with weak willpower to PS TAPAS Spanish Cuisine & BAR, a castle-like restaurant to enhance our willpower?

【Taiwan Taipei】PS TAPAS Spanish Cuisine & BAR @貝大小姐與瑞餚姐の囂脂私蜜話

Surround ourselves with deliciousness like fresh garden salad instead of the stars of our birth night!

Having salad lightens ourselves a little bit from the heavy self-criticism.

【Taiwan Taipei】PS TAPAS Spanish Cuisine & BAR @貝大小姐與瑞餚姐の囂脂私蜜話

Make a wish that a seafood paella could strengthen our willpower while expanding our taste experience.

【Taiwan Taipei】PS TAPAS Spanish Cuisine & BAR @貝大小姐與瑞餚姐の囂脂私蜜話

We might get to understand ourselves more by chatting with our besties while enjoying the paella full of fresh mouthwatering shrimps and flavorful mussels.

Even so, who can guarantee that the person with the strongest willpower has his or her final win?

And, wait a minute! How could we define“win”?

Paradoxically, if everything appears to be wrong now, is given up the only right thing to do?

Who can tell us whether if we get stronger or grow weaker by repressing ourselves for a long period of time?

【Taiwan Taipei】PS TAPAS Spanish Cuisine & BAR @貝大小姐與瑞餚姐の囂脂私蜜話

【Taiwan Taipei】PS TAPAS Spanish Cuisine & BAR @貝大小姐與瑞餚姐の囂脂私蜜話

A cocktail mixed with a Spanish wine as base reflects my shadow of thinking…

Trading with the devil always seems perfect. Grilled platter might reveal the power of will and the, power of thinking for us.

But I guess, Gambas might be the traitor of our willpower?

The bread serving as an appetizer passing around connect the people at the same table.

The more friends we have on our social media, the more external forces there are to interfere with our willpower.

A poetry sign in Tortilla: training your willpower as training your muscles in a gym.

Next time, you can test out and train your willpower at PS TAPAS Spanish Cuisine & BAR with your friends too!


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