Did you know that desserts actually taste differently depending on our moods.
Do you like the cakes that are being sold in department stores? They are very attractive but with a devil soul.
Each pieces of cakes have its own business-orientated formula that doesn’t seem to care much about our health but mostly the money in our wallets.
Why not give DIY cake making a try?



It might sound more terrible if the memories we had about DIY was troublesome from our childhood.
Most families must have had such horrible experiences especially when we were kids or if we had kids.
If the kitchen is full of tensions like a nightmare, I bet that you could taste the nervousness if the cake was made in that kind of environment.
If our kitchen is full of disorder, I can guess that the cookie must be taste chaotic.





Would you like to make desserts in a pleasant studio kitchen just like the ones being used by those gourmet DIY actress, bloggers, or Youtubers?
If the answer is yes, Sweetydot.com is what you are looking for.
If we are not making cakes for profit but solely for our own enjoyment, being able to have natural ingredients, healthy recipes, and also a clean and comfortable environment would be more important than anything.
Very I can safely say that everyone would agrees that the basic requirement for a DIY cake studio is having high-qualified and fresh ingredients.




By creating and providing delicious recipes to attract healthy-oriented mothers and ladies, sweetydot.com is going for the cozy interior designs and friendly environment that is also perfect for selfies to post on social media, cooking shows or live-streaming while making your own cakes.
It is even better that you might make friends that are like-minded dessert lovers.



In Sweetydot.com, the friends you make who have a common “sweet” character will support you for each step of the way no matter if you are feeling happy or worry about the cake that you are making.
Each batch of the cake can be adjusted to your tastes and health preference.





Customizing cakes is out of fashion!
Making your own cakes has been becoming the new trend!
Here are some good news to share with you, sweetydot.com has not only but also two locations.
You can find them in Banqiao and Taoyuan.



Would you be interested in making a cake with mongo moose waterfall that has never been sold outside?
Come to sweetydot.com with your sweet friends for a delightful teatime.


sweetydot.com 甜心一點 DIY 烘焙坊

New Taipei City
Add:No. 2, Sec. 2, Nanya W. Rd., Banqiao Dist., New Taipei City 220, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Taoyuan City
Add:No. 645, Zhongzheng Rd., Taoyuan Dist., Taoyuan City 330, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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