An international musician comes to Taiwan playing his performance sponsored by an international mobile company in National Concert Hall. How far is the distance between the musician and us? Simply put, it is normal. The price of the ticket decides the distance.


However, the live Jazz concert performed by Julian Moreen is not that case. He leads his musician partners from worldwide playing and singing Jazz in a music studio where we get to have a closer look of the musicians. Andrew, the guitarist, was born in Malaysia and graduated from Berklee College of Music. Jack from Taiwan plays double bass. Konstantin Kräutler, who plays drums, is from Vienna, Austria. They come here to introduce us to a new form of Jazz—a boundaryless and de-generation Jazz.




One of their songs, the “Sons and Daughters”, is truly a one of a kind de-generation creation. A climate protest raised by the young German generation inspired Julian to write this song. Who blames the younger generation for not caring about society, their country or global issues? Who criticizes the communication disconnect between generations? You will be able to find the answers in this song. Non-verbal communication was clearly demonstrated among the team during their performance. It is amazing how they can be so intimate with each other when they do not live or practice together often.



“Empty Room” is another common sensation we all share during depression. As a human, there are times we feel alone or even helpless. Expressed by the melody, the song recalls those feelings we had. However, instead of empty room, we are in a comfortable living room surrounded by lovely people who also love jazz. Maybe we can connect our habits to expel the loneliness and gather our power to help others in need. Julian claims himself as an optimist so that he likes to transform the mood of the song into happiness at the end. He believes that life will be better as we help each other. 



We really enjoyed watching their performance. During the performance, they worked simultaneously with each other to create melodical and temporal notes that burst in the room to pleasure our ears. What kinds of Jazz do you like? Asia Jazz or European Jazz? How about immersing ourselves in such a borderless form of Jazz.


    Jazz Concert Julian Moreen


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